Cedar Shake Studio

is the creative home of Matthew Kemp.
Get in touch if you are looking for help with:

Book design

If you have a story that you would like to see in book form, an heirloom or a family history that you'd like to preserve and share with future generations, or any other idea that needs to end up between book covers, I can assist with the research – writing – editing – archiving – illustrating – photographing – digitizing – design. Whatever is needed to create and complete a project to your satisfaction.

If you have a complete vision, I can help realize it. If you have an idea, but need a guide, we can work through it together and end up with something you love.


It doesn’t have to be a book – if you are looking for a sophisticated visual solution, I can help.

Sound design

I’m available for mixing/editing/production work in the music, journalism or moving picture realms.

A bit more

I am interested in the preservation and presentation of personal stories and family histories, and in the belief that everyone—and every family—has an interesting story to tell. Through the thoughtful design and creation of bound books and other media, while using sources that can range from family archives to passed down anecdotes, I strive to craft handsome and enduring objects that can be shared with and enjoyed by friends and future generations to come.

The creative boundaries in the studio are loose, so whether you have a kernel of an idea and are unsure of what to do with it, or an already completed manuscript that you would like to see wrapped up in an attractive package, let’s talk. Perhaps you have a family heirloom (a great grandfather’s diary, letters your grandmother sent home from her tour of South America, a roll of film a great uncle took during the war, an old scrapbook or photo album) that you would like to turn into a book that can be printed in multiples and shared safely and easily with your loved ones.

I have been operating across the spectrum of art and design since I was a kid, finding an early interest in the visual arts & photography, attending SMFA in Boston for painting/mixed media arts and later graduating from SCAD with a BFA in Sound Design (with a minor in Creative Writing). I’m a musician, a gardener, a cook and a bookworm - my love of books was passed down and nurtured by my librarian mother & always-reading father. My interest in archival work and the rich histories that are everywhere waiting to be told blossomed while I worked for the Smithsonian during college. Since school I have worked in design, marketing and most recently as a craftsperson helping build bespoke jewelry boxes for an antique dealer in town. I live in Austin, Texas, with my wife and two dogs. I am also a proud member of a particularly ridiculous band.